Radiation Safety Services for National Security

LANDAUER’s proprietary optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dosimetry technology has become the accepted industry standard for more than 1.5 million people worldwide now wearing OSL radiation monitoring badges and is trusted by more than 80% of healthcare facilities in the U.S. As the global leader in radiation science and services, we offer scalable radiation dosimetry programs for managing public safety, including local and national governments, emergency response units, military and defense.

  • Better scienceOSL technology provides the most precise capture of individual radiation exposure measurements (for legal documentation)
  • Accurate precise and timely radiation monitoring, economical enough to badge all responders
  • ConvenienceInLight® dosimeters can be read on the portable
    microStar® Reader®
  • Common platformallows emergency response programs to intersect and provide mutual aid
  • LANDAUER's OSL dosimeters and portable reader are being used in Japan to ensure the safety of Soldiers and other U.S. government personnel entering the radiation contaminated areas of the country. Click here to read the CNN iReport. 

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