Special Services

Solutions for your organization's unique challenges

LANDAUER special services are a reflection of what's in our "corporate DNA," a willingnessand abilityto do whatever it takes to keep your people and your organization safe. Our special services unit is in place to address any customer needs that fall outside of standard operating procedures. This is where LANDAUER's unique breadth of experience really comes into play.

Special services may involve custom dosimeter configurations for specific situations, such as placement of dosimeters inside an irradiator canister, or development of special dosimetric cranial helmets for rats; two special service projects in which we collaborated with the Veterans Administration.

Special services may be the development of custom reporting solutions to address your organization's individual requirements, or simply making your job easier, as we did for one national accelerator lab by specifying which dosimeter to place in each tray and crate.

And special services may involve protecting your organization from litigation by helping you investigate an unexpected exposure result. We can reconstruct all the details and determine the exact cause, often revealing misuse or abuse of dosimeters by program participants.

Technician  ReaderHow can LANDAUER serve your organization's special requirements? Call our customer service specialists to discuss your situation and let us develop a solution that addresses your particular challenge.

Download these PDFs for more detailed information about LANDAUER special services:
 Special Services Brochure.pdf 
 nanoDot   Spec Sheet.pdf  




"Fleximetry" —

the more flexible approach to managing customer dosimetry programs