Patient Radiation Dose Measurement

What Is Measured Is Managed - Get the Reassurance of a Second Opinion on Patient Radiation Dose

 Regulatory authorities and experts agree that reducing radiation errors in medical imaging and radiation oncology is a priority, but there is little guidance on practical strategies. LANDAUER's OSL technology, featuring nanoDotTM dosimeters and microStar® readers, provides one universal, simple and flexible solution to this complex problem.  

For 13 years, OSL technology has been trusted to measure occupational radiation dose for millions of healthcare professionals across the globe.  OSL dosimeters are used for occupational dose monitoring in over 80% of hospitals in the United States, and are the focus of more than 30 peer-reviewed scientific publications.  

LANDAUER's® nanoDotTM OSL-based medical dosimeter is the most effective tool to independently verify the quantity of dose delivered from radiation producing devices in medical imaging and radiation oncology, and provides an inexpensive insurance policy to mitigate litigation risk for your facility.  

Our comprehensive, yet simple initiative - An Intelligent Partnership for Patient Radiation Safety - offers a range of solutions to help your organization optimize or reduce patient radiation dose. 

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  • Reinforce patient radiation safety initiatives 
  • Improve quality of care
  • Differentiate your facility
  • Build trust in your community
  • Establish a continuous patient instrumentation quality assurance program for radiological procedures
  • Independently measure patient surface dose at point of interest
  • Simple to use in complex treatments
  • Tested and adopted by leading credentialing authorities for radiation dose measurement
  • Medical physics practice group dedicated to improving patient outcomes through the safe and 
    effective use of radiation in medicine
  • Combined expertise of 100+ medical physicists and dosimetrists nationally to meet all of your medical imaging and radiation oncology physics and dosimetry needs
  • Quality Assurance Programs customized to meet individual needs of your institution
  • Program accreditation assistance
  • Education and training services
  • Equipment commissioning, performance testing, and other medical physics services

microStar V4.3 Software Now Available!

If you are a current microStar user, and have not received your copy of the 4.3 software, please click here or call InLight Customer Service at 800-561-2708