Onsite Dosimetry Solutions

LANDAUER onsite dosimetry solutions offer scalability and ease of use

LANDAUER’s InLight® systems, with three different readers and several dosimeter configurations, offer simple, versatile onsite analysis capabilities as a solution for personnel monitoring and other dose measurement applications. InLight onsite solutions are scalable, from manual single dose measurement to automatic multi-dosimeter analysis options. This scalability makes InLight ideal for any size operation, from small laboratories processing dosimeters in-house to full-service laboratories providing personnel services. It's a solution that can grow with you and provide additional capabilities as your needs evolve.

ReaderOur portable microStar® Reader® is becoming the patient monitoring solution of choice for healthcare organizations concerned about the health and safety of patients undergoing therapeutic, diagnostic and interventional radiology procedures. A microStar Reader can be used to analyze LANDAUER’s nanoDotdosimeters, providing immediate feedback to clinicians on actual delivered dose. These single-point surface dose measurements allow you to verify treatment plans for radiation oncology, and optimize technique for high-dose diagnostic and interventional radiology procedures.


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