Online Data and Account Management

Manage your dosimetry program your way. LANDAUER provides your radiation data in a comprehensive, easy-to-use format of your choice.

LANDAUER’s suite of radiation reporting solutions and online services helps you efficiently manage your dosimetry program, optimize radiation safety standards in your organization, and comply with national and state regulations on occupational radiation exposure.

Dosimetry Reports 

LANDAUER offers a number of data management and reporting products, including NRC Form 5, ALARA, Fetal Dose and Cumulative Occupational Expsoure Reports, to assist healthcare organizations in maintaining their dosimetry programs.Click here for reporting products. 

Dosimetry Reports are available electronically through 

LANDAUER’s new web-based administrative tool, myLDR, enables you to:

  • Efficiently manage your entire dosimetry program online
  • Add. change or remove people and dosimeters in your account
  • Track dosimeter shipments to and from LANDAUER
  • View and create dosimetry reports
  • Download dose information for further analysis
  • Give badged individuals access to their personal dose information
  • Go Paperless (opt out of receiving paper dosimetry reports)

LISN, TRIPLE I and RadPro have been replaced by myLDR, however, the functionality they provided is still available through myLDR.


Available via, RadFacts™ Dashboards provide enhanced insights into your dosimetry program. Dashboards are available to track participants’ who have exceeded ALARA Levels, assess dosimeter return compliance, focus on monitoring pregnant participants and much more. RadFacts™ Dashboards can also increase your productivity and reduce time preparing for your Radiation Safety Committee meetings.

To learn more about RadFacts™ Dashboards, currently being used in many health care organizations across the country, view the video below or check out this brochure.


Enterprise Dose Dashboards™ 

Enterprise Dose Dashboards™, also available through, enable you to more effectively track dose levels across an enterprise. At the same time, you can more easily track improvements as a result of conducting training, investing in shielding, or buying other protective equipment. The dashboards provide data to help drive change and improve radiation safety across the enterprise. Also, see how your facilities stack up against each other and the Landauer ALARA Index*. Dashboards are provided for ALARA Account Comparison, ALARA Subaccount Comparison and Pregnant Participants Review (Cumulative and Monthly). All dashboards are also accompanied by data in a sortable table format.

Click Here to view the Enterprise Dose Dashboards brochure.


Radwizard useRadWizard is an electronic data management tool from LANDAUER that enables you to review comprehensive dosimetry program information in a single, easy-to-use Excel file. RadWizard helps you save time and money while optimizing your dosimetry program by simplifying data management and reporting processes and reducing the need to maintain paper files, allowing you to skip the administrative tasks and focus on health physics. ALARA summaries, unreturned dosimeters, unused dosimeters and fetal dose summaries are just a few examples of the vital radiation dose reports included in RadWizard. RadWizard detailed specification.


Manage your dosimetry program online with myLDR.



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