Emergency Preparedness

Prepare for the worst-case scenario and reinforce your radiation emergency response program

In the case of a radiological or nuclear event, accurate and timely radiation monitoring is critical to manage InLight  Badge(1)
the exposures likely to be incurred by caregivers, emergency responders and members of the public. Healthcare facilities treating casualties, for example, will want to be aware of any secondhand microstar
exposure. LANDAUER’s InLight® dosimeter with optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology offers a proven solution to capture and record (for legal dose documentation) individual radiation exposure. InLight dosimeters can be read on the microStar® Reader®, providing convenience, portability, onsite reading capability and data accuracy to any organization with the responsibility to act in a
radiological emergency. 

FirefightersLANDAUER’s OSL technology provides a common platform that allows emergency response programs to intersect and support one another. OSL dosimetry badges feature bar code technology for dosimeter assignment to individual team members, which enables tracking of responders across multiple agencies and organizations. These badges can be read right onsite, and can also be re-read multiple times, allowing future analysis of radiation dose data to assess the overall impact of an event. In addition, LANDAUER’s emergency response solution can easily scale up in scope, allowing it to be shared across a large response network. LANDAUER can assist you in assembling a single central processing laboratory that can be leveraged by your entire network, enabling use by multiple entities. By adopting the OSL dosimetry platform, you can operate effectively as an independent response team, but could also seamlessly join a larger, growing regional and national network of responders, should
the need arise.

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