Data Management—Chain of Custody

LANDAUER helps organizations achieve control over key data

LANDAUER's integrated information systems transform raw analytical data into usable information—with speed, thoroughness and accuracy. LANDAUER is a leading analytical laboratory in large part because of its success in managing computer systems, bringing together key elements such as computer-interfaced, automated analytical equipment; archival and retrieval systems; and state-of-the-art data management. As an information company, LANDAUER constantly seeks to apply new information systems technologies that advance analytical operations, enhance reporting to customers, and improve chain of custody. 

Data management features:

  • Software testing after all modifications with version controls
  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Data source tracking

Chain of custody features:

  • Protocols for tracking each dosimeter or quality-related component from its creation to final release
  • Unique identification or serial numbers for all dosimeters, detectors or instruments
  • Assembly dates tracked
  • Quality control test designators to assure performance compliance
  • Redundant checks and validation to assure dose data accuracy


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