Onsite Dosimetry Solutions

Onsite dosimetry solutions offer the flexibility to support any size dosimetry program for nuclear power plants and other organizations in the energy sector

ReaderLANDAUER’s InLight® systems, with three different
readers and several dosimeter configurations, offer
simple, versatile onsite analysis capabilities as a solution for personnel monitoring and other dose measurement applications. InLight onsite solutions are scalable, from manual single dose measurement to automatic multi-dosimeter analysis options.

Ideal for small laboratories processing dosimeters
in-house all the way up to full service laboratories
providing personnel services, an InLight system can
quickly determine the severity of exposure in the event of a nuclear incident or accident, or precisely track dose
over time. 

LANDAUER InLight personnel and/or environmental dosimetry service options offer customizable, flexible onsite solutions for energy sector applications such as emergency response and field radiation measurements. These onsite options allow our customers to:

  • Control files for manufacturing
  • Define how shipments are organized
  • Perform onsite intermittent dose analysis for information use only, using our microStar® Reader® option
  • Define the format for electronic reporting of exposure data
  • Maintain participant dose database
  • Submit exposed dosimeters to LANDAUER for final dose-of-record-accredited read

LANDAUER InLight onsite solutions for organizations in the energy sector can be configured for personnel and/or environmental dosimeters, with multiple reader options:

  • Using LANDAUER's portable microStar Reader to provide immediate, information-only individual dose results in the lab or in the field
    • Dosimeters can then be sent back to LANDAUER for final accredited dose-of-record analysis
  • Creating a central processing lab at your facility with our Auto 200 Reader, which can quickly and automatically process up 200 dosimeters at a time.
    • Use the Auto 200 Reader to maintain your own in-house accredited dosimetry program, or
    • Send the dosimeters back to LANDAUER for for final accredited dose-of-record analysis

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