A commitment to ongoing discovery for improving public health and safety

R&D is a key strategic asset for LANDAUER and its customers, and we have an extensive history of advancing radiation measurement technology. Currently, LANDAUER domestically employs more Ph.Ds and physicists than any other dosimetry services providerscientists whose specialties include radiation physics, health physics, material sciences and photonics. Another five Ph.D. scientists with similar skills are employed by our foreign subsidiaries, four of whom are certified in Health Physics.

LANDAUER funds research in radiation measurement methods with universities and collaborates with numerous government and private laboratories in such activities as radiation effects on epidemiology, charged particle measurements for space and fundamental physics research, radiation therapy and molecular imaging.

Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dosimetry, the basis for most of LANDAUER’s personal monitoring products and services, represents a major area of R&D activity. Recent focus has been on monitoring doses to people exposed to radiation from various medical procedures. The nanoDot has been found to be extremely versatile for radiation therapy measurements, and its small size and sensitivity make it increasingly useful for medical physicists in assessing actual in vivo dose to patients from interventional radiography, CT and diagnostic x-ray procedures. Other areas of R&D include thermoluminescent dosimetry, plastic nuclear track detectors, trends in occupational radiation doses, and environmental radiation monitoring (including radon) in homes, schools and public buildings.

LANDAUER believes our success depends on an active R&D program. The results of our research have led to better and more economical approaches to radiation measurement. In a world of increasing doses from medical procedures, the threats from nuclear terrorism and the international expansion of nuclear power, LANDAUER’s expertise has become ever more valuable to those challenged by the complex radiation measurement issues of today. R&D is a key strategic asset for LANDAUER and its customers.

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