Verifii Digital Dosimetry Platform


A Wireless, Wearable Dosimeter with Built-in Compliance...

That Advances the Science of Occupational Safety and Will Transform Your Radiation Safety Program

    LANDAUER's Verifii Digital Dosimetry Platform will connect, collect and display:
  • Exposure levels for frequent readings on laptops and mobile devices
  • Data for Radiation Safety Officer review and action

A Wireless, Wearable Dosimeter with Built-in Compliance Capabilities and

  • Timely radiation exposure information
  • Ability to reassign dosimeters on-site

Robust Software Platform Features Dynamic Dashboards

The Verifii Dashboard easy-to-read graphics provide instant access to enterprise data and/or individual exposure level readings. Drill-down features allow for a quick view of details helping administrators, Radiation Safety Officers and participants.

Icons show current readings for Deep Dose, Low Dose and Shallow Dose equivalents, extremities and ALARA limits.

Comparisons with selected targets, such as other departments or groups within your organization can be made for added insights.

And for the First Time

participants in hospitals and other health care settings - including those in dental, chiropractic, veterinary, podiatry and in-the-field emergency settings - can engage meaningfully with their measurement devices leading to appropriate use and full wear compliance

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