Online Access and Reporting

Manage your dosimetry programs your way

LANDAUER understands the vital importance of receiving your data in a comprehensive, easy-to-use format.

LANDAUER’s comprehensive suite of reporting solutions and online services helps you efficiently manage your dosimetry program while optimizing radiation safety standards in your organization and complying with national and state regulations on occupational radiation dose.

Online Services

LANDAUER’s web-based services, LISN and RadPro, enable you to manage your dosimetry program online, including adding or removing people and dosimeters to your account, downloading dose information, and tracking dosimeter shipments to and from LANDAUER. 
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Dosimetry Reports   

LANDAUER offers a number of data management and reporting products, including Cumulative Occupational Exposure Reports, ALARA Reports and Statistical Exposure Summaries, to assist national security organizations in maintaining their dosimetry programs.
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At your request, dosimetry reports can be provided in electronic format through a secure ftp site.


RadWizard is a new electronic data management tool from LANDAUER that enables you to review comprehensive dosimetry program information in a single, easy-to-use Excel file. RadWizard helps you save time and money while optimizing your dosimetry program by simplifying data management and reporting processes and reducing the need to maintain paper files, allowing you to skip the administrative tasks and focus on health physics. ALARA summaries, unreturned dosimeters, unused dosimeters and fetal dose summaries are just a few examples of the vital dosimetry reports included in RadWizard. RadWizard detailed specification.


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The simple and easy way to manage your dosimetry program online: