Occupational Radiation Monitoring

More than 1.5 million professionals across the globe trust LANDAUER to protect them from the risks of ionizing radiation with our occupational radiation monitoring program

There are important reasons why more people trust their radiation safety to LANDAUER than any other dosimetry provider. With nearly 1,000 different configurations, LANDAUER has more dosimeter offerings in more categories than anyone else in the industry. No matter what your unique dosimetry requirements may be, we've got, or can manufacture, a badge for that. But LANDAUER offers so much more than dosimetry badges. We stand behind each badge with the most powerful support solutions you'll find anywhere, backed by more than 55 years of dedicated industry service.

Dosimetry  Grouped ImagesLANDAUER dosimetry services include flexible service options for any program, allowing you to design a solution that best fits your organizational requirements. We also provide you with:

Full technical support no matter the service option selected
  • Regulatory compliance consulting
  • Immediate notification in the event of high exposure (exceeding ALARA levels)
  • Complete historical records for all dosimeters processed by LANDAUER

Around-the-clock health physics support 

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