Flexible + Dosimetry = Fleximetry

The LANDAUER way of doing business is so flexible, forward-thinking and customer-focused, we had to create a new word to describe it. We call it “Fleximetry,” representing the most flexible dosimetry programs in the industry.

Fleximetry allows LANDAUER to offer a broad variety of dosimetry program options, configurable to best fit your unique requirements. For example, your organization may choose to process its own dosimeters—or let LANDAUER serve as your accredited laboratory with the intermittent onsite reading option.

Fleximetry offers our customers:

  • Easier access to accurate dose data
  • A greater degree of program transparency and efficiency
  • Simpler compliance for programs and participants
  • The highest standard of occupational health and safety

Whatever the scope of your dosimetry requirements, no matter how specific, unique or complex, our friendly, expert staff consistently go the extra mile to design a program that ensures your specific radiation safety goals are met.

“If I could only buy one dose verification system, I would buy OSLD, because OSLD can do every measurement that TLD and diodes can do, plus measurements they cannot accurately capture.”

Paul A. Jursinic, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Medical Physics at West Michigan Cancer Center, Kalamazoo, MI


Click here to view Dr. Jursinic's presentation, "OSLD in Medical Physics"