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Fleximetry in action

Beyond routine occupational dosimetry for healthcare organizations, LANDAUER has employed our vast expertise to address a wide range of unique situations, developing custom solutions to help them achieve specific goals.

Premier among these is the work we've done configuring our trusted proprietary optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology to address the growing concern over patient radiation dose. LANDAUER now offers a comprehensive patient monitoring solution that can quickly and accurately measure actual delivered dose in vivo for radiation oncology, interventional radiology and diagnostic imaging. Read more about LANDAUER patient monitoring solutions here.

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Other examples of LANDAUER Fleximetry for healthcare include:

  • Working closely with the Radiological Physics Center (RPC) in partnership with the National Cancer Institute, on a long-term clinical evaluation of LANDAUER's OSL technology, studying OSL's efficacy in remote audits of photon and electron beam output, and energy checks for electron beams. This initiative resulted in the RPC switching from TLDs to OSL dosimeters for their remote audit protocols.  
  • Development of a custom dosimetry program to measure exposure for spouses of men who had undergone prostate seeding, configuring badges for ease of wear and enabling tracking by patient for accurate record keeping.
  • Helping design a special dosimetry program to measure the CT scan dose for every pediatric trauma patient treated by one institution, with the objective of illustrating whether these scans generated unsafe exposure for this vulnerable patient population.


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