Build Your Own Radiation Safety Program

Fleximetry means matching LANDAUER services and support to the scope of your organization's specific radiation safety needs

Whether you're a small healthcare clinic, a large hospital network, or somewhere in between, LANDAUER Fleximetry enables us to design a customized dosimetry program around your unique requirements.

Small practices without a dedicated radiation safety officer (RSO) to administer their badge programs can rely on LANDAUER customer service and technical support to fulfill that role. LANDAUER currently serves as the de facto RSO to over 40,000 customers, offering support and reassurance for their workers, particularly regarding the concerns of pregnant works with exposure to ionizing radiation.

In addition to full-featured routine dosimetry service, LANDAUER can provide emergency backup analysis, help you develop your own in-house solution, or work with your organization in a training or consulting capacity at any level. Whether you maintain your own accreditation or choose LANDAUER to maintain accreditation, our goal is to reinforce your dosimetry program in the way that best suits your needs.

LANDAUER optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology and services can be combined to create the right monitoring program for any exposure environment. In-house dosimetry programs and laboratories, in particular, can benefit from our flexible solutions, including those:

  • Processing their own dosimetry
  • Requiring immediate radiation dose assessments
  • Requiring confidence in their dose measurements

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