OSL Competitive Advantages

Our proprietary optically stimulated luminescence technology offers many key advantages over obsolete dosimetry technologies such as film and TLD
 OSL Luxel+®
OSL InLight®
TLD Film 

Minimal reporting

1 mrem 5 mrem 10 mrem 10 mrem
Reanalysis of dosimeter data
Determination of motion/wear at time of
exposure (diagnostic capabilities: static
and dynamic)
Detector archive
No fade = more flexibility and
longer wear frequencies
Wide dynamic energy range
High sensitivity
Environmental stability/durability
Tamper resistance




Onsite analysis
Flexible dosimetry programs
Single point detector with chain of
custody serial number
Analytical Hardware:
Numerous reader options
No heating parameters for simpler
mechanics, less maintenance,
faster throughput
Total program software solutions
for onsite analytical options

LANDAUER’s OSL dosimeters are the most advanced technology available for measuring radiation exposure. OSL dosimeters are accurate within +- 1 mrem, while TLD and film badges require at least 10 mrem to begin reporting. Unlike TLD or film, OSL dosimeters provide accurate dose readings, even when exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture, oil from fingers, or when tampered with or dropped.

OSL dosimeters can be analyzed multiple times, enabling deep investigation into unusual exposures (including determining whether a badge was worn at the time of exposure). OSL dosimeters are also capable of storing data for a much longer period of time, which provides you with the flexibility to simplify your dosimetry program by maintaining longer wear frequencies.