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Fleximetry in action

We realize that many organizations’ dosimetry needs are fairly routine, and for them, LANDAUER Fleximetry may simply be expressed through custom reporting options or personalized badge graphics.

When routine dosimetry reveals unexpected exposure, however, LANDAUER's dedicated team of health physicists is singularly equipped to help your organization conduct an investigation, document the issue and determine the source. Whether the case involves dosimeter misuse, or an actual incident, our goal is to help protect your business interests and provide peace of mind. Fleximetry means always doing whatever it takes to help you keep your people and your organization safe.

Beyond routine occupational dosimetry for national security organizations, LANDAUER has employed our vast expertise to address a wide range of unique situations, developing custom solutions to help them achieve specific goals.

LANDAUER  worked with the DOE Savannah River Plant's Ecology Laboratory on a project to test an area suspected to have hot spots of up to 14 mrem per hour. Luxel+® dosimeters, safely sealed into plastic pouches, were securely mounted to the underside torsos of turtles being released into the suspect environment. Each dosimeter had a special turtle icon on its label, and custom reports were developed to manage the resulting data.

We also provided engineering support DOE National Engineering Lab, manufacturing a custom phantom for neutron field testing.

We invite you to contact our customer service specialists to learn more about how LANDAUER can help with your specific radiation safety studies and initiatives.

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