Radiation Science and Services

The essential need to balance the benefits and risks of using radiation to improve the quality of life drives the science behind radiation monitoring technology
As the global leader in radiation science and services, LANDAUER has played a pivotal role in the development of monitoring standards and technologies used today by organizations worldwide.

Every day we devote our sole focus and unmatched resources to solutions that mitigate risk, provide quality assurance, and enhance workflow and productivity for occupational, environmental and patient radiation safety.

For over 55 years, LANDAUER has been recognized for unsurpassed innovation and commitment to public health and safety. We have been instrumental in shaping an entire industry dedicated to providing peace of mind to organizations and individuals with exposure to ionizing radiation.

Working closely with thousands of public and private companies, governments, learning institutions and research centers, we’ve seen the challenges they face in keeping their people safe, complying with regulations and managing their information requirements.

Did you know?

LANDAUER holds a number of patents for innovative radiation detection products and methods.

Learn more about our patents here.